Monday, May 12, 2008

Random Searches

So, here I am, awake again at 2 am, looking for something to chuck on this weblog so I can get 'closure' and go to sleep. Such is the life of an insomniac.

So I decide that it's going to take drastic measures and I bring up a Google images search and type in 'random'...

I thought about posting this study on 'Random Walks', but it's mathematics to the extreme (a new sport?).
Then I found and had a bit of a browse and found Dr. Phil explaining why you can't get a date at a vegan fair:

Then I found this bit of 'art' on 4chan. No, I'm not posting the pic, you go look at it yourself. Think anime, chainsaws and partially clad female cartoon characters getting massacred. Now I'll never get to sleep!

So, getting on with the show... somehow I found this page all about herpes, with pictures and all.

Moving on, I came across this:

mmmm...looks like an old Swedish mechanic I once knew.

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