Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pacha Massive - Rated Red Hot by Chilli Man

Chilli Man say Pacha Massive Hot

I was passing the lounge room to take a piss (you all wanted to know that), when I saw this band on Nat Geo Adventure. They were a five piece playing an instrumental using a combination of guitar, double-bass, drums, trombone and flute. Their name popped up at the bottom of the screen. It read

"Pacha Massive".

My immediate thought was, "Oh, it must be some pommy band with a 'trying to be arty', but in fact, really stupid name. Pommies and anyone who's ever seen Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Ali G' would understand.
Anyway, I came back from having a leak and they were being interviewed. One of the band members was speaking Portuguese or Spanish! So I stopped and watched a bit more. They're a five piece band (or a collaboration of two with a backing band) with a mixture of members from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the US and Colombia.
Their MySpace site has this info about the band members...

Maya and Nova
The Gang... Patricia Lynn Vince Veloso - Horns Joe Abba - Drums Toro - Drums Johanna CastaƱeda - Vox Yassi Baby - Vox Eliane Amherd - Vox Mark Miranda - Drums Leila Colom - Vox ... and on...

...so I guess they're a loose mix, like the Party Boys.
They have this fucking amazing mix of latin, jazz and reggae, and they (on one song I heard) mixed a bit of hip hop into this style.
You need to listen to this music. It is very cool. Very smokable when you just want lay back and slide into a groove.

Then I did a search for them and found out the name is a variation on Pachamama (Mother Earth). So ,they're not some silly named Pommy band. I was assuming. How wrong I was.

I've Googled some links for you:

Free samples from Calabash
Pacha massive on MySpace (free music link on site)
Pacha Massive on Wikipedia...?
Pacha massive videos on YouTube!
Pacha Massive on MTV!

That's enough. Ya's all might think they're shit...

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