Monday, May 12, 2008

The Lizard, the Koala and the Joint.

Stolen from a forum somewhere:

One day a little lizard is walking along and hears this singing and laughing and looks up and sees a koala up a tree smoking some weed.
The little lizard climbs up the tree and asks the koala what he is doing.
"Im just choofin some weed and havin should try some" replies the koala.
The little lizard proceeds to smoke some weed and being only little got himself right royally smashed.
The little lizard the says "man I am so thirsty"
The koala says that there is a river just past the treeline so the little lizard climbs down the tree and stumbles his way to the river.
He is skulling down the water when because of his state, looses his footing and slips into the river.
He is in dire trouble but fortunatly for him a crocodile sees what happened and grabs the little lizard and puts him on the bank.
The croc asks him what happened and he proceeds to tell him the story of walking along and hearing the singing and laughing and when he looked up he saw a koala smoking some weed and he decided to have some as well.
The croc couldnt beleive what he was hearing and said that he had to see this for himself.
He walked around for a bit and heard the singing and laughing and looked up and sure enough there was a koala smoking weed.
The croc yells out "hey mate"
The koala looks down and says"@#$%en hell dude how much did ya drink?"

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