Saturday, May 17, 2008

Home Made (Non) Motivational Posters

Following on from my previous post...these are some of our quick creations:

...or "Keep starin' n I'll poke ya fuckin' eye out!"

...and I found this on 4chan /b/...

Larf??? Til I Stopped!

You too can do this....head over to Big Huge Labs and jump on the bandwagon. I've gotta thank my friends over at for the link.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pacha Massive - Rated Red Hot by Chilli Man

Chilli Man say Pacha Massive Hot

I was passing the lounge room to take a piss (you all wanted to know that), when I saw this band on Nat Geo Adventure. They were a five piece playing an instrumental using a combination of guitar, double-bass, drums, trombone and flute. Their name popped up at the bottom of the screen. It read

"Pacha Massive".

My immediate thought was, "Oh, it must be some pommy band with a 'trying to be arty', but in fact, really stupid name. Pommies and anyone who's ever seen Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Ali G' would understand.
Anyway, I came back from having a leak and they were being interviewed. One of the band members was speaking Portuguese or Spanish! So I stopped and watched a bit more. They're a five piece band (or a collaboration of two with a backing band) with a mixture of members from the Dominican Republic, Mexico, the US and Colombia.
Their MySpace site has this info about the band members...

Maya and Nova
The Gang... Patricia Lynn Vince Veloso - Horns Joe Abba - Drums Toro - Drums Johanna CastaƱeda - Vox Yassi Baby - Vox Eliane Amherd - Vox Mark Miranda - Drums Leila Colom - Vox ... and on... I guess they're a loose mix, like the Party Boys.
They have this fucking amazing mix of latin, jazz and reggae, and they (on one song I heard) mixed a bit of hip hop into this style.
You need to listen to this music. It is very cool. Very smokable when you just want lay back and slide into a groove.

Then I did a search for them and found out the name is a variation on Pachamama (Mother Earth). So ,they're not some silly named Pommy band. I was assuming. How wrong I was.

I've Googled some links for you:

Free samples from Calabash
Pacha massive on MySpace (free music link on site)
Pacha Massive on Wikipedia...?
Pacha massive videos on YouTube!
Pacha Massive on MTV!

That's enough. Ya's all might think they're shit...

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Lizard, the Koala and the Joint.

Stolen from a forum somewhere:

One day a little lizard is walking along and hears this singing and laughing and looks up and sees a koala up a tree smoking some weed.
The little lizard climbs up the tree and asks the koala what he is doing.
"Im just choofin some weed and havin should try some" replies the koala.
The little lizard proceeds to smoke some weed and being only little got himself right royally smashed.
The little lizard the says "man I am so thirsty"
The koala says that there is a river just past the treeline so the little lizard climbs down the tree and stumbles his way to the river.
He is skulling down the water when because of his state, looses his footing and slips into the river.
He is in dire trouble but fortunatly for him a crocodile sees what happened and grabs the little lizard and puts him on the bank.
The croc asks him what happened and he proceeds to tell him the story of walking along and hearing the singing and laughing and when he looked up he saw a koala smoking some weed and he decided to have some as well.
The croc couldnt beleive what he was hearing and said that he had to see this for himself.
He walked around for a bit and heard the singing and laughing and looked up and sure enough there was a koala smoking weed.
The croc yells out "hey mate"
The koala looks down and says"@#$%en hell dude how much did ya drink?"

More Random Rubbish

Yep, I should be asleeep...but I owe it to other 'net roamers and stoners to provide something of interest while touring the realms of cyber space...

First, an essential warning that should be on all bibles.

Next, someone has too much time on their hands, or they're just wasted...

This might be a good image to save, resize and then use in a forum somewhere...

Righto, last couple and I'm off...

I dunno if the above pic is genuine or just a 'shop job', but fuck he must have been pulling down a mega host of pr0n.

Finally, a face ... a quite nice, arty face. Schwang!

Random Searches

So, here I am, awake again at 2 am, looking for something to chuck on this weblog so I can get 'closure' and go to sleep. Such is the life of an insomniac.

So I decide that it's going to take drastic measures and I bring up a Google images search and type in 'random'...

I thought about posting this study on 'Random Walks', but it's mathematics to the extreme (a new sport?).
Then I found and had a bit of a browse and found Dr. Phil explaining why you can't get a date at a vegan fair:

Then I found this bit of 'art' on 4chan. No, I'm not posting the pic, you go look at it yourself. Think anime, chainsaws and partially clad female cartoon characters getting massacred. Now I'll never get to sleep!

So, getting on with the show... somehow I found this page all about herpes, with pictures and all.

Moving on, I came across this:

mmmm...looks like an old Swedish mechanic I once knew.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Price Of Drugs According to NSW Police

A big distribution operation was busted in New South Wales Australia this week. Cops found cannabis, Ecstacy, Cocaine, Heroin and a whole shitload of cash. The cops were happy because they thought they'd busted a BIG OPERATION.

Getting to the point...
According to the quoted value of the drugs, the NSW Police expect people to pay:

$20 a gram for weed.
$50 for an Ecky (that's $166 a gram).
$800 for a gram of Ice.

Be fucked. I wouldn't pay $20 for a gram of weed. $15 maybe, if I was buying by the gram.
As for the other stuff, well I'm an innocent crusty old fuck. I haven't done, nor would I consider trying Ice or Eckys. Whichever way you look at it, on the wages that Aussie cops get, I'd say they'd stick with a bit of Yarndi too. Even though they are getting ripped off by their dealers.

I Am The Chilli Man! I Do Not Like Star Wars.

Tiger Habanero

This would be me...if I was a Black man with a big afro that looked like a spider's arse and I was seven foot tall and carried a dildo that looked like a Chilli.

Check out The Art of Eric Poulter, Games Artist. ...and yep, he's got a blog too.

Are you a Star Wars geek? Yes? Then you've seen Eric's Steampunk Starwars then, yes?

Disclaimer: Fuck Star Wars, it's a movie series for Christ's sake. Just like Star Trek was a TV series. Find something else to do kids, or you'll turn up here, or you'll be making SW Geek type comments here, or you may even end up here, postulating on exactly why Anakin bloody Skywalker (I really don't care if I spelt that wrong) became an arsehole.

This comic was stolen from Brian Farrington's website.

Not Another Blog

Be fucked!
Some drug addled fool has started another blog that has no relevance to the world we really live in.

Well matey, I beg to differ. If my blog has no relevance to the world we live in, then how the fuck do you suppose it exists in the first place? By its own existence, it is immediately relevant, so stick that in your corn cob pipe and smoke it.

(Well, that's a good first post. Piss easy this blogging hey?)