Monday, December 28, 2009

More on TOS and TOS Abuse Courtesy of the EFF

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has had TOSBack running for a while. It is a service to assist people to keep an eye on changes to the 'Terms of Use' of certain websites.They have enhanced this service with 'Terms of (AB) Use' a website dedicated to all issues surrounding 'Terms of Use' policies.

* One cannot go online today without eventually being asked to accept a set of so-called Terms of Service (or TOS). Such TOS agreements have become ubiquitous to websites and other online services in the same way End User License Agreements (EULAs) have become the mainstay of the software industry. Yet while we are often aware that such Terms of Service exist, very few of us know and understand what they actually say.
The time has come to shed light on what these Terms of Service agreements contain, and what it means for users. In conjunction with our TOSBack Project, EFF is proud to announce Terms of (Ab)Use: a source for news and TOS issues around the web.

For the full Deep Link:

For the Terms of (Ab)Use page:

The End of the Hangover is Nigh!

I'm not a big drinker myself. I tend to fall asleep long before I drink enough to induce a hangover. Some of me mates like a drop though, so this story will be good news for them.

According to the UK Telegraph, the Imperial College in London is developing a synthetic alcohol that will still get you drunk, but won't give you the 'morning after the night before' blues. Future developments may even allow you to get sober by taking a pill.

I dunno about this though. The scientists look like they're modifying benzodiazepines to develop this new alcohol...frying pan into the fire perhaps?

$89 pizzas a hot seller for Ganja Gourmet

$89 pizzas a hot seller for Ganja Gourmet

I'll have one with the lot please.

Now those with a prescription for cannabis don't have to limit their choices to smoking or brownies. A Denver entrepreneur has opened a medical marijuana eatery named Ganja Gourmet.

And that's not the only place those in and around the mile-high city can go for marijuana-infused foods like pizza, hummus and lasagna. A Caribbean restaurant across town has plans to hold classes on sprinkling, dashing and pouring a bit of mellowing weed into multi-course meals.

Does Marijuana - Cannabis increase the risk of Testicular Cancer but fight prostate cancer?

I'm confused. Do I stop smoking cannabis to save my nuts, or do I keep smoking to protect my prostate?

A while back I posted about the study that tells us that men are at increased risk of contracting testicular cancer if they are 'stoners'.

Now, we have another study that tells us that we 'pot-heads' don't have to worry too much about prostate cancer:

But, I like my balls *and* my prostate...

...being a pot smoker is soooo stressful. Decisions decisions...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cannabis as a Study Aid

Hehe, well not really but there you go.

Mark Haskell Smith has been researching his new novel, 'Baked'. Where? In Amsterdam of course...

It's a common mistake non-writers make, confusing the physical act of typing with writing, and writers do sometimes sit at the keyboard, but that's just a small part of the job. Think about it. An athlete trains and practices before he or she competes, a chef will shop for the freshest items before deciding what to cook, an architect will study building sites before beginning a design. Writers write about people, and to understand what makes people tick, to get inside their emotional lives -- to write, really -- writers need to engage with the world.

Kerouac hit the road, Hemingway hit the bottle and Dorothy Parker hit the mattress. Me? I'm hitting the Super Lemon Haze.

For the last three years, I've wrestled with my fourth novel, a story set in the world of high-grade marijuana cultivation. It's a unique subculture of underground botanists, farmers, ganjaficionados and seed geneticists who endeavor to discover, develop and refine distinctive strains. The gap between excellent and mediocre is wide, and the stakes are high. The very best marijuana gets entered in the Cannabis Cup -- an event that takes place in this city every November. If you are good enough or lucky enough to win, you have the most valuable pot in the world. The seeds of a Cup winner are worth millions, the marijuana is worth even more. It is the Super Bowl of the marijuana world.

Read more here (it's worth it):,0,4411717.story