Saturday, May 10, 2008

I Am The Chilli Man! I Do Not Like Star Wars.

Tiger Habanero

This would be me...if I was a Black man with a big afro that looked like a spider's arse and I was seven foot tall and carried a dildo that looked like a Chilli.

Check out The Art of Eric Poulter, Games Artist. ...and yep, he's got a blog too.

Are you a Star Wars geek? Yes? Then you've seen Eric's Steampunk Starwars then, yes?

Disclaimer: Fuck Star Wars, it's a movie series for Christ's sake. Just like Star Trek was a TV series. Find something else to do kids, or you'll turn up here, or you'll be making SW Geek type comments here, or you may even end up here, postulating on exactly why Anakin bloody Skywalker (I really don't care if I spelt that wrong) became an arsehole.

This comic was stolen from Brian Farrington's website.

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