Saturday, August 28, 2010

Canada's Hemp Electric Car Designed for Stoners

Project Eve is a series of vehicle developments by a consortium of Canadian business interests, primarily focussed on developing local electric automotive know-how and engineering.

The latest to come from Project Eve is an electric car with a composite Hemp body, and it has been designed for stoners! 

(Probably not what the real car looks like)

Here are some early specs:

Seating Capacity: 4. You and your stoner mates can cruise together.
Max Speed: 90km/h 50 mph. Who needs to go fast when you're cruising on some nice Purple Kush?
Range: 40 to 160km, depending on the batteries. How far do you need to drive to buy munchies?
Power: It's electric! Plug it in at home to recharge, just like your mobile phone. Too easy.
Body: Hemp composite. Just too cool.

I love Canada!

Here are some other things I love about Canada:

They have 'Trading Cards' of farmers! And the Americans copied them!
They grow Hemp just like us Aussies!
They have the Accordian Extravaganza!
They gave the world 'Corner Gas'
They made the Jurassic Park Dinosaurs!
They say 'eh' a lot.


twisty said...

Yay Canada......

brings a new meaning to.

BRICK-lin car.....

Indica Man said...

Hehehe... Oh Canada, oh Canada, I love your Golden Beaches...oh, that's right, you can't swim in Canada, there's no water, it's all ice...
...and I have the wrong song...