Sunday, August 29, 2010

The 8 Most Absurd Reasons to Oppose Cannabis Legalisation

I was drifting about the Interweb (as you do) and came across this post in respect to California's Proposition 19. Proposition 19, for those of you who don't know, is a bill that will be voted on this year to make Cannabis completely legal in California (in direct opposition to US federal Law).

It was originally posted on AlterNet on 19 August, 2010.

The 8 Most Absurd Excuses for Trying to Defeat Legal Pot
(Follow the above link for the complete article)

8. The federal government will pull all its contracts with California businesses because they won’t be able to drug test employees!
7. Legalizing marijuana for healthy people will end medical marijuana for sick people!
6. Legalizing marijuana will never raise any money because the social costs would outweigh any fiscal benefits… look at alcohol and tobacco!
5. Big Tobacco will buy up great huge tracts of land in Northern California and mass produce lousy joints pumped full of toxic addictive chemicals!
4. Today’s pot is fourteen times more powerful than Sixties weed and will lead to more crack babies
3. People who smoke marijuana in the same apartment building as a child will be arrested!  (Not that your landlord will let you grow pot anyway.)
2. Legally home-grown marijuana will lead to outbreaks of toxic deadly molds!
1. Workplaces would be overrun by workers smoking marijuana on the job!

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