Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aussie Nutters Part 1

Most news stories about the somewhat eccentric people on our planet seem to emanate from the US. No, I'm not picking on my stateside friends, it's just the way it is.
However, we in Australia have our fair share of induhviduals too. Actually, I could start a series about the eccentric, mad, crazy or just downright lunatic folk here in the place outsiders call 'Down Under', but I probably won't.
Here is part 1 (if I do choose to make a series, I need to number them, but I probably won't).

The Geelong Advertiser brings us this:

'Witch Jailed on Friday 13th For Dragging Cop Along Road With Car' (which could qualify for longest headline Ever)
FRIDAY the 13th was unlucky for a self-proclaimed Geelong witch who was yesterday jailed for dragging a policeman 190m along the road.
Eilish De Avalon, 40, was a suspended driver talking on her mobile phone when she was pulled over on February 23.
De Avalon then drove off with Senior Constable Andrew Logan's arm pinned in her car window and hauled him along the street at speeds up to 60km/h.

This Is True has covered this one as well.


twisty said...

Sadly boneheads aren't regional...they're global.....

Indica Man said...

Yep. Definitely might have to put a few more up. I like to call them Moon Units, but Frank Zappa's kid would be offended I think.