Monday, September 20, 2010

Bugger! Someone Hacked My tyres!

Geeks Hack Tyre Pressure Sensors -

This is the future folks. As more and more vehicle bits get hooked up to wireless for monitoring and adjusting, more and more doors will open for hackers (ooh a sort of a pun). In the future your car will be open to all sorts computer type horror stories.

"You were doing 140 in a 100 zone"
"But Constable, my fuel injection system got infected with the 'Roadrunner' worm".

"Russian hackers have hijacked my boot (trunk)! They're using it to transport bodies through 2nd Life!"

"Wow dude! Your tyres were hacked? That'll cost you to replace."
"No. They were hacked, not hacked. But now every nerd in Australia knows what my tyre pressures are!"

...or worse...

"Some teenybopper geek hacked my stereo and now all I get is the Justin Dweeber Channel!"

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twisty said...

lol...24 hr dweeber...