Sunday, September 19, 2010

AAAAaaarrrgghhh! Two Posts in One Day? Aye Me Hearties!

I was runnin' me schooner (while drinking a few) around the Interweb and found me some treasures!

This be a fine wench for cold nights aboard me ship:

Then I got to thinkin', what about me shipmates? They'd be lookin for some buxom wenches too, so I found some:

Before we weigh anchor, I need to find some rations to keep the dreaded scurvy away:

This should do...aaaarrrggghhhh!

Last but not least, a good Pirate needs a good ship.


What is this all about? Have ye god barmy me old salt? Noooo, it's TLAPD

1 comment:

twisty said...

water ..women and weed....

avast matey where do I sign up.....