Thursday, September 2, 2010

OK, He IS an Uber Geek...

My last post about that wonderful waste of time that was on 'Hack-A-Day'? Well, the above link is to the makers website.

In honour of his Uber Geekness, I give you his short intro:

Howdy! This site is for my custom lightsaber and prop builds, and whatever else I feel like posting. My friend Shay Pierce told me to register thisthing and post these pics.

The lightsabers in the step-by-step builds will be similar to the hasbro Force FX sabers, but brighter, louder, and more accurate to the films. Meaning, where I can, I will use the same vintage parts used in the movies,or replicas machined as close as possible.This site will feature documentation of the build process, tips and tricks.
Your friendly neighborhood Slothfurnace is none other than Bradley W. Lewis. I am videogame developer by day, and a robotpirate builder of things by night. You can contact me at bradley at slothfurnace dot com if you like. I also have some twitter and facebook links up in this piece.

I do encourage anyone who appreciates fine engineering and/or a love for all things Star Wars to visit.
It is truly an excellent waste of time in my opinion. Congrats Bradley, you are a True Legend.

Oh, and he is a member of RobotPirate (I had to put an image in this post somewhere, it's the done thing):


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