Saturday, January 23, 2010

I am a New Fan of Folk Uke

I'm not much of a ukulele fan...nor do I like country music as a rule. I could count on one hand the 'Country and Western' that I'll listen to. However, I do like some of Willie Nelsons stuff, especially his cover of 'Blue Skies' and Gorrel & Carmichael's 'Georgia'.As a kid, I got hooked on CW McCall's 'Convoy' and still remember the lyrics, but I don't tell too many people. I even had a fling with John Denver, thanks to my mother's love of his music, until she found out he got high when he wrote songs. My appreciation of his music deepened after that news. I think mum threw his records out.

But I'm not talking about 'country' music. I'm talking about folk music. Now, folk music I like. Michelle Shocked, The Waifs, Arlo Guthrie and now, 'Folk Uke'.

Folk Uke have some brilliant lyrics and some song titles that will test your safe filter. I won't try to describe them. You need to listen and watch. Folk Uke have a strong musical background, but I'll let you discover that for yourselves and let their music stand on its merits, rather than its pedigree.

This first video kind of gives away their 'little' secret:

'Shit Makes The Flowers Grow'

'Knock Me Up'

You'll find a good interview/bio here:


Anonymous said...

Great post. These girls are GREAT. I should know I'm Cathy's mom and Amy's second mom, her beautiful mom, Connie is also soooooooo proud!

Thanks for your blog,
Jackie Guthrie

Indica Man said...

Thank you for saying hi Jackie. I was like a little kid, running to my wife and saying "Jackie Guthrie said hi to me on my BLOG!"

I heard the interview with the girls on our ABC radio here in Australia last week. That was the first time I'd heard of them, so naturally I had to hit the Interweb and find out more. I was too far away to check out a show last week, but no doubt Cathy and Amy will be back (I hope). Maybe they could do the Byron Bay Blues Festival, or check out Mardi Grass in Nimbin in May.

Say hi to Arlo and Willie and Connie and the rest of the family for me. I'll keep spreading the word about Folk Uke.