Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Education site links to pro-marijuana page - wanna buy some feminized cannabis seeds?

I was doing some more online research today, looking for something that might interest the two people who read this blog. I have a few Google Alerts set up so that any news from the cannabis front gets to me sooner than I could search for it. The information/horse do-do ratio is pretty good, but every now and again a gem comes along that begs to be brought to the attention of all (yes, you two sitting there).

The website is called 'Education Review; all about Education'.

The Statistics You Didn't Know About Cannabis is the title of the article. It caught my attention as I read it mainly because of its *lack* of statistics. In fact, it read like a number of anti-pot articles I've seen over the years...stuff like this:

Marijuana has the same effects as smoking tobacco such as respiratory problems, phlegm production, lung infections etc. Perhaps even more as normally, the smoke is held longer compared to the puff in and puff out habitual smoking on regular cigars or cigarettes.

Ok, so I thought to myself that this looks familiar and did a little plagiarism check. The links weren't much, but then I decided to see exactly who the 'author' claimed to be.

The credit looks like this:

The Statistics That You Did Not Know About Cannabis

Specialist writer in the subject of cannabis. For more information visit http://www.lowryder-2.co.uk/.

Lowryder is definitely a specialist..

I should clarify that the education website is owned by 'Aus Business Review'. The submission process for articles is unmonitored and the service is free. I guess it's a valid way to sell pot seeds if you can find a willing audience.

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