Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Choofer has been Busy

Oh the things I've done this week...

A mate gave me some music to 'back up off-site' for him.

Now, I have to confess that the early 90's was a very arid time for me in terms of music. My ex complained loud and long about my liking for new music. Her idea of good music was Phil Collins and Bryan Adams...while I was more into the music that TripleJ was playing. I wanted to listen to Pink Floyd, The Stranglers, Violent Femmes...even KORN would have been better than having to put up with another whining saccharin infused ballad from some Top 40 crooner. I was somewhat restricted in what I was allowed to bring into the home in terms of music too. CDs not on the 'Allowed By management' list would mysteriously become unplayable due to scratches.

Then along came mp3. Well, mp3 file formats had been around for a while. I just hadn't got too involved in ripping discs, mainly because I was into computer security at the time, as well as running an IT business. Music was on the back-burner so to speak. Ironically, I had ammassed a collection of around 300+ 'purchased' CDs between 1994 and '96. It's just that I didn't get to listen to the stuff I'd bought for myself. So,  when I did play with an early copy of Exact Audio Copy, I began that journey of digital conversion of my collection...BWAHAHAHA!!!! Fuck you and your "I have no idea how 'Never Mind The Bollocks' got scratched", I have it ripped to my computerator now Bitch!!!!

Well, not really. I just quietly backed up my music in my computer dungeon downstairs.

Back to the real story...but before I do, I have to thank a couple of other people for reawakening my love of music as art, not a meal ticket.

First up, Big Bill (his name and history has been changed to protect his privacy.  Big Bill was a work buddy in the late nineties. An ex detective who chose IT over drug busts. He was a mature aged IT student at the same Uni I was at. We became study mates and friends early on. Bill showed me that it was OK to still like the Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Souix and The Banshees and The Pistols in the 90's. I had become mind numbingly fucked by an overdose of Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and the like by my ex and he helped me get off those bad things.
The second is my partner/lover/best friend. She introduced me to the stuff I'd been missing through the 90's and after; System of a Down, Creed etc. Without them, I may still be in music limbo...

Back to the story
My mate gave me the following to back up:

Lou Reed - Ecstasy

Rage Against The Machine - Live at The Grand Olympic Auditorium

Karnivool - Sound Awake

Mammal - The Majority

Audioslave - Self Titled

Audioslave - Out Of Exile

Audioslave - Revelations

SoundGarden - Badmotorfinger

SoundGarden - Superunknown

System of a Down - The Vinyl Classics

Serj Tankien - Elect The Dead

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